My kid smokes pot… now what?

A user’s guide for the newly initiated parents

We recently learned our child smokes pot, (and we aren’t happy about it), but we couldn’t find much information or guidance on what to do next. Sadly, many parents in Marin County may walk in our footsteps before graduation.  Here is what we learned the hard way – and hope others will add to this conversation.

Read our first blog for all the details (or use the resource pages below for what you need), but in a nutshell, if you’re in the same boat as us, our advice is:

  1. Remain calm and focused on the solution (watch )
  2. Do not blame yourself. Get over feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or guilty.
  3. Know that your child may, and likely will, be dishonest and manipulative to protect him/herself.
  4. Remember that the teenage years are a time for experimentation. Unfortunately, their frontal lobes haven’t developed enough to realize the danger of their experimentation, and they think they are invincible.
  5. Always approach your child with love, but harden your heart and steel yourself. (see 1-2-3-4)
  6. Learn all you can about the teenage brain and the dangers of marijuana use (click here for the link to the Student/Parent Ed Marijuana talk on October 18th).

Since posting this on Labor Day Weekend 2016, we have already heard that there is a need for more resources for what to do AFTER our teen has started experimenting with pot. (We have a great selection of resources available to hopefully prevent it, thank you to all the organizations who focus on that – and have now linked this site to their resources.) If prevention fails, this is the start to the next conversation that needs to happen in Marin and elsewhere. Unfortunately statistics show a lot of our Marin kids will try pot. And if that’s not ok with you, and they don’t stop at one time, please click through to these resources below, and check back for new advice and information if needed.

These pages summarize what we couldn’t find all in one place when we needed it, and what we continue to learn. We will continue to add what other parents share in the weeks & months ahead. Sorry you’re here with us – and thanks for caring about your kid. You are not alone.





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